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Surviving In The Final Frontier is a seven-part docuseries that explores the research, innovations and problem-solving that is being accomplished by the people behind the scene. This series will illustrate the challenges and triumphs that science, technology, and innovation look to overcome in our ongoing quest to permanently survive in space as a species. The series will showcase the people and work being accomplished to keep humankind safe in space.


Throughout the history of humanity, our species has always looked to explore beyond our horizon. This curiosity has led to the crossing of the Atlantic, bringing the old world to the new. It was this inquisitive nature that led to man’s footprints atop the summit of Mount Everest and eventually our own moon. Throughout this history, there have always been teams of brave and innovative men and women collaborating for the greater good. While many names and faces are easily recognizable, history has not been as kind to the vast majority of pioneers that have pushed the human race beyond what we deemed possible.

As our species marvels at the great unknown throughout the universe, we now find ourselves at the dawn of the next logical phase in this evolution; surviving permanently in space. And although we’ve traveled great distances in the past, we’ve never had to contend with the challenges of long-term space travel and its effects on the human mind and body. These obstacles will test the very limits of our engineering, medical, biological, and psychological abilities. And just as history has taught us before, we will rely on the courage and pioneering spirit of many individuals to make our dreams of tomorrow a reality today.

DDC's recently completed project “Space Health: Surviving in the Final Frontier” is a non-commercial documentary funded by TRISH and NASA that explores space health research, science and innovation through NASA’s Human Research Program and spearheaded by its Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH). Combining interviews with NASA/TRISH scientists, researchers, astronauts, flight surgeons and innovators together with NASA archival footage (some of which are newly uncovered), the current state and future challenges of space health are discussed and examined. Watch the trailer below